About KI Nepal

KI Nepal works with the aim to end human trafficking in Nepals by transforming broken individuals and strengthening communities, enhancing and ensuring their human rights, justice and self-dignity. KI Nepal is all set to transform the lives of broken and rescued young women/girls and their communities physically and spiritually, through rescue and rehabilitation, counseling, capacity building, empowerment and community reintegration. With this strategy, KI Nepal seeks to prioritize its programme activities on Prevention, Protection and Prosecution along with improving coordination, alliance building and advocacy against human trafficking in Nepal. Since its inception in 2008, KI Nepal has reached to more than one million population of Nepal who are trafficked or at-risk of human trafficking. In its human rights based approach, the organization adopts an integrated model in its program designing and implementation and it has greatly contributing to Nepal Government National Plan of Action (NAP) against Human Trafficking. In partnership and close collaboration with national (government and non-government agencies) and international (donors), KI Nepal has been actively involved to promote community-led model that would ultimately turn into ‘community maturity’ to identify and avoid the traffickers and protect the trafficking survivors in line with international human rights standards and existing domestic laws and policies. In the recent report of US State Department, Nepal has been categorized as source, transit and destination country. Even after the earthquake, human trafficking seems to be significantly increased as National Human Rights Commission says it has been increased by 60%. Though there might have several causing factors of human trafficking including poverty, exclusion, family breakdown, political instability and violence, KI Nepal believes that moral and ethical crisis among Nepalese society is most critical factor of human trafficking. And KI Nepal has been working to enhance the moral and ethical aspects of human life that would ultimately ensure the self-dignity, human rights and justice in every society.