Safe Home (Shelter Service)

The girls victimized by trafficking are psychologically depressed, may be physically tortured and more specifically they can’t adjust with their community immediately. They need safe and homely environment to overcome traumatic situation they just experienced. Safety of girls who have been victimized or are at risk of being trafficking is our major concern.

We are very clear from the beginning that family or community is the ultimate reliable destination to settle these girls back. Our safe home provides the service with an integrated readymade package of psycho-social counseling, career counseling and planning, medical care, legal assistance and empowerment sessions. It varies upon the seriousness of the cases however; we hope the girls might start get recovery from her arrival of 8-12 weeks. Along with counseling sessions, we provide all our packages within this period. Then, we set some follow up counseling sessions and refer her further as per her career plan. Before graduation from the safe home, the project teams follow some steps such as family tracing, social assessment, reconnection and eventually reintegration. We not only provide them the shelter but also nurture them with moral and ethical values. These girls go to another step to precede the reintegration process and advance leadership package where they get different skill trainings for income generation too.