KI Nepal believes that human trafficking wouldn’t be completely stopped, until and unless the social or community transformations in terms of social, economic and spiritual aspects come to the reality. So, CHELI Project has been designed based on the conc
Considering the tremendous need of a safe and secure place for those trafficking survivors and at-risk community girls, KI Nepal has been running a SAFE HOME. One of the main focuses of the organization has also been to provide the girls with the opportunity to go to school to achieve further education or to learn different income generating skills that could be a beneficial factor in molding them to be a self-dependent and strong individual.
What We Do?

KI Nepal is a national level not-for-profit non-governmental organization (NGO), established in 2008 in Lalitpur District Administration Office, with the aim to end human trafficking in Nepal by transforming broken individuals and strengthening communities, enhancing and ensuring their human rights, justice and self-dignity. KI Nepal is all set to transform the lives of broken and rescued young women/girls and their communities physically and spiritually, through rescue and rehabilitation, counseling, capacity building, empowerment and community reintegration. With this strategy, KI Nepal seeks to prioritize its programme activities on Prevention, Protection and Prosecution along with improving coordination, alliance building and advocacy against human trafficking in Nepal.

Mission Statement
KI Nepal holds a mission to effectively organize and equip our women with skills and knowledge enabling them to fight against this injustice towards the oppressed and against human trafficking to not only live a life free of violence but also a life of di